queen tantrum by evita orzolina“The Queen Tantrum track is deceptively chilled, but hang on in there –she can really let those vocals rip. The self-proclaimed First Lady of Liverpool is a fusion of power and soul – like Chaka Khan meets Audioslave. Impressive stuff.”
~ The Beat Goes On Liverpool – NMGM Blog

“Emma is the sun and the moon in Queen Tantrum and her spirit simmers to a boil in her vocal performances…As if she were the Annie Lennox/Grace Jones soulchild, her voice and lyrics fuse with metally rock and after-midnite passion.”
~ Richard Filaccio – The Pop League

“Not only does Emma live and breathe music she is a diva as a vocalist. In addition she is an extremely competent classical violinist, bass player, guitarist, woodwind and brass multi-instrumentalist. Miss Sweeney can compose, arrange and engineer. She is also a competent programmer.”
~ Jennifer John – Sense of Sound

“Queen Tantrum, the headliners for tonight, are somewhat awe inspiring. There’s no denying vocalist Emma’s presence. Well over 6 feet tall, bushy haired, and wildly made up, she was possibly the scariest thing ever to set foot in Igloo Bar, Liverpool. However, she was actually the friendliest person ever, with an amazing voice. Luckily, her stage presence was immense too, and she was really interesting to shoot!”
~ Joe Speak Music Photography

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