Tongue-tied, are you twisted, are you nervous?
Is it making you foolish? Are you fakin’? Are you no one?
Am I taking you somewhere that you don’t want to remember
‘Cause you see how you once were, and you still are, and you will be?
But I gotta get inside you

Forever tongue-tied! You know that
Forever twisted! I said, I gotta get inside you

And I know you don’t want to know that
You can’t hold me back any longer
Why so sad? We both know that we’re heading for a disaster!
And I know the difference between us
I can’t hold on any longer
Yeah, I know that; so quit saying: “It’s all gone but I can’t believe it!”

Tongue-tied, unassisted, out of service
Is it making you reckless? Are you shameless? Are you hopeless?
Am I drinking you up like a Mojito, Cuban hiball
Drink it up like a good man, tip and swallow, like you do me
And now I gotta get inside you

Don’t tell my heart to speak the truth
I may or may not think of you
But I’ll never say a word
It would be my undoing
For one last time, let’s be uncouth
And consequently we’ll undo
The ties that bind, but for now I will leave you

Tongue-tied, intercepted, unprotected
‘Cause you’re mine and I’m
Your own sweet Achilles, Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade
We’re sickened and we’re toxic; mass confusion
But we both want it
Last time! Nearly over and it will be forever!

Don’t want it – a covert operation
Don’t want it – another complication
Don’t want it – a bad situation
Don’t want it – a cheaper imitation
Don’t want it – a hidden combination
Don’t want it – a bad education
Don’t want it – another accusation
Don’t want it – I had a revelation!


from Propaganda (Remastered), released July 7, 2014

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